The Benefits Of A Touch Screen Keyboard

There are two styles of smart phones available, the kind with the touch screen technology and the other with a physical keyboard. Depending on the style of phone that you are looking for will determine which style that you get. For example, Apple iPhones are all Touch Screen Phones, there are Android Model Phones that have touch screen too. Are touch screen phones really better than smart phones with an external keyboard? There are plenty of advantages of having touch screen technology, if you never considered a touch screen then read on and see if any of the advantages can persuade you to cover over to the side of new technology.

Space and Mobility: If you have a computer at home whether it is a desktop or a laptop, most standard styles of computers will requite a mouse and keyboard in order for the computer to be fully functional. Without the keyboard or the mouse it would be very difficult to use the computer. The same is said about touch screen technology, it was designed and developed in order to make using the feature easy. With the touch screen, the phone itself will be easier to use and easier to transport, since there will be no external parts to break or wear out.

Durability: When you are paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for your smart phone the last thing that you want to happen is that it breaks down from wear and tear. With more people texting and emailing from their mobile phones these days, the chances that an external keyboard will last longer than a touch screen keyboard is not a good one. Aside from just the wear and tear on the keys but when you have an external keyboard, there are more chances of getting debris, water and food particles in the device.

Speed: More smart phones contain more apps and icons than the standard cell phone. Touch screen phones allows the phone to work faster when it comes to opening, closing or downloading information. With faster speed, you can get more done at a faster pace. This will make texting and emailing a lot more efficient.

Comfort: having a touch screen smart phone is said to be more comfortable to use than a phone that has an external keyboard. For people who have Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis, using a easy to touch, touch screen technology this can greatly help decrease the amount of pain and pressure that those suffering from those ailments feel every time they want to text or send an email.

Language: If you think about it, Smart Phones are not only sold in English speaking countries but all over the world. The icons on a touch screen are basically universal so no matter where you live, you can still communicate with your smart phone.

There are plenty of great features on the smart phone but how you choose to utilize them is up to you. Having a touch screen is a great advantage for someone who is looking to maximize the time and the features of the smart phone. Since you are spending hundreds of dollars on a phone, wouldn't it be nice to know that you are getting every penny's worth from the phone?


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